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Studying for free at Wintec
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Studying for free at Wintec

For many people, the cost of study is one of the main reasons they decide not to pursue it. Fortunately, at Wintec, there are several ways we can help you access support so that part, or in some cases all your course fees may be covered. This is a huge relief for many students.

Financial support can be accessed in many ways. The Government provides the Fees Free scheme which offers every student new to tertiary study their first year for free. In addition to this, there are many other ways students can study for free. Wintec subsidises some courses in high-demand industries such as trades. In addition, your age and ethnic origin (such as being of Māori or Pacific descent) may determine if you qualify.

Check out the information below to see how you might qualify to study for free.

First time students

You may qualify as a first-time student for the Government’s Fees Free scheme, which means that you get your first year of your course for free. There are conditions to this, so please check them out here and find out how you can apply.


Māori ​and Pacific students

Wintec has joined with Iwi and Pacific community groups, employers and ITOs to offer a variety of courses bringing together the best in support, experience, learning and job outcomes, for free. Read more about the initiative, explore options, and student success stories here.


Free Wintec courses

Wintec offers free study for courses across a range of industries including trades, business, IT, and education. There are even options to study while you finish secondary school. Find details about fees-free courses and if you are eligible here.



Some students also chose to apply for scholarships. What you can apply for may depend on what you are studying and on your personal circumstances. To find a list of all the scholarships that Wintec students can access, please click here.


Youth Guarantee

Youth Guarantee is aimed at young people aged 16-19 who are ready to move beyond school to study and learn practical skills. This provides an opportunity to participate in a range of vocational programmes, free of charge, at Wintec. Find out more.


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