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From Wednesday 1 March, you must pay for parking on our City and Rotokauri campuses using the pay machines or Parki App. Click here for more details.
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STAR course dates

2023 STAR dates

Term 1 dates

WeekSTAR courseDatesLocation
9Hairdressing Taster1 MarchRotokauri Campus
9Interior Design Taster3 MarchCity Campus
9Introduction to Illustrator Taster3 MarchCity Campus
9Health Taster3 MarchCity Campus
9Horticulture and Arboriculture Taster3 MarchGardens Campus
10MIG Welding Taster6 MarchRotokauri Campus
10Carpentry Taster6 MarchRotokauri Campus
10Photoshop Taster10 MarchCity Campus
10Early Childhood Education Taster10 MarchCity Campus
10Introduction to Computer Aided Drawing Taster10 MarchRotokauri Campus
10Landscape Taster10 MarchGardens Campus
11Introduction to Cookery Taster13 MarchRotokauri Campus
11Automotive Taster13 MarchRotokauri Campus
11Electrical Taster13 MarchRotokauri Campus
11MIG Welding Taster13 MarchRotokauri Campus
11Hairdressing Taster15 MarchRotokauri Campus
11Performing Arts Taster17 MarchCity Campus
11Introduction to Illustrator Taster17 MarchCity Campus
11Early Childhood Education Taster17 MarchCity Campus
12Engineering Taster23 MarchRotokauri Campus
12Interior Design Taster24 MarchCity Campus
12Painting and Drawing Taster24 MarchCity Campus
12Health Taster24 MarchCity Campus
13MIG Welding Taster27 MarchRotokauri Campus
13Hairdressing Taster29 MarchRotokauri Campus
13Engineering Taster30 MarchRotokauri Campus
13Photoshop Taster31 MarchCity Campus
13Creative Media Taster31 MarchCity Campus
13Music Production Taster31 MarchCity Campus
14Business Taster 3 AprilCity Campus
14Sport Taster4 AprilRotokauri Campus

Term 2 dates

WeekSTAR courseDatesLocation
17Introduction to Computer Aided Drawing Taster28 AprilRotokauri Campus
18Printmaking Taster5 MayCity Campus
18Photoshop Taster5 MayCity Campus
18Health Taster5 MayCity Campus
18Early Childhood Education Taster5 MayCity Campus
18Introduction to Animal Technology Taster5 MayRotokauri Campus
18Horticulture and Arboriculture Taster5 MayGardens Campus
19Beauty Taster10 MayRotokauri Campus
19Music Production Taster12 MayCity Campus
19Painting and Drawing Taster12 MayCity Campus
19Interior Design Taster12 MayCity Campus
19Introduction to Illustrator Taster12 MayCity Campus
19Landscape Taster12 MayGardens Campus
20MIG Welding Taster15 MayRotokauri Campus
20Carpentry Taster15 MayRotokauri Campus
20Creative Media Taster19 MayCity Campus
20Performing Arts Taster19 MayCity Campus
20Health Taster19 MayCity Campus
20Outdoor Education Taster19 MayRotokauri Campus
21Automotive Taster22 MayRotokauri Campus
21Electrical Taster22 MayRotokauri Campus
21Beauty Taster24 MayRotokauri Campus
21Music Production Taster26 MayCity Campus
21Photoshop Taster26 MayCity Campus
21Introduction to Animal Technology Taster26 MayRotokauri Campus
22Prepare and Cook Basic Pasta Taster29 MayRotokauri Campus
22Barista 4-Day Taster29 MayRotokauri Campus
22Interior Design Taster2 JuneCity Campus
22Printmaking Taster2 JuneCity Campus
23Beauty Taster7 JuneRotokauri Campus
23Health Taster9 JuneCity Campus
23Introduction to Computer Aided Drawing Taster9 JuneRotokauri Campus
23Performing Arts Taster9 JuneCity Campus
23Introduction to Illustrator Taster9 JuneCity Campus
23Painting and Drawing Taster9 JuneCity Campus
24Horticulture and Arboriculture Taster16 JuneGardens Campus
25Landscape Taster23 JuneGardens Campus
26Sport Taster27 JuneRotokauri Campus
26Health Taster30 JuneCity Campus

Term 3 dates

WeekSTAR courseDatesLocation
30Early Childhood Education Taster28 JulyCity Campus
30Introduction to Animal Technology Taster28 JulyRotokauri Campus
31Health Taster4 AugustCity Campus
31Horticulture and Arboriculture Taster4 AugustGardens Campus
32MIG Welding Taster7 AugustRotokauri Campus
32Carpentry Taster7 AugustRotokauri Campus
32Provide Table Service in Hospitality Taster7 AugustRotokauri Campus
32Creative Media Taster11 AugustCity Campus
32Introduction to Illustrator Taster11 AugustCity Campus
32Interior Design Taster11 AugustCity Campus
32Introduction to Animal Technology Taster11 AugustRotokauri Campus
32Landscape Taster11 AugustGardens Campus
33Automotive Taster14 AugustRotokauri Campus
33Electrical Taster14 AugustRotokauri Campus
33Music Production Taster18 AugustCity Campus
33Outdoor Education Taster18 AugustRotokauri Campus
34Painting and Drawing Taster25 AugustCity Campus
34Photoshop Taster25 AugustCity Campus
34Health Taster25 AugustCity Campus
35Engineering Taster30 AugustRotokauri Campus
36Business Taster4 SeptemberCity Campus
37Introduction to Barista and Restaurant Services Taster11 SeptemberRotokauri Campus

Still at Secondary High School?

If you're still at secondary school and are trying to decide on your future career, join us for a STAR programme and get a taste of a career before committing to full-time study.

STAR programmes are usually one day, but maybe up to five. All of our STAR programmes are aligned with vocational pathways, and some of our programmes also have credits attached.

Please note, you must book through your school. Careers advisors, please use the Booking Form to book a place for your students.

Information for students

STAR course times

8.45am-9am - Meet and greet session with STAR coordinator
9am-3pm - In-class with the tutor


Rotokauri Campus: The Hub (S Block) for all courses. Look for the dark green and white STAR sign near the information desk. Course subjects taught here are animal technology, hair and beauty, and all trades, sports and hospitality tasters.

City Campus: The Hub (building with the café, library, and other student services). Look for the dark green and white STAR sign on one of the shared tables. Course subjects taught here are media arts (Photoshop, Illustrator, printmaking, music, short video, interior design, performing arts, painting and drawing, and creative media), early childhood education, health, and business.

Hamilton Gardens Campus: Access via the public car park at Gate 2. Cross the bridge from the car park, over to the Horticulture Education Centre reception. Course subjects taught here are horticulture, arboriculture, and landscape.

At the meet and greet session, students will be required to complete an enrolment form before being taken to their classroom.


Each course will have different clothing requirements. Please check your programme requirements by clicking on the pathway option and then the course for more information.


As STAR courses are booked through your secondary school, you must contact the school if you cannot attend. If you become unwell while attending a STAR course, their school will be contacted. 


Upon completion of the STAR course, certificates are emailed to secondary schools which can be forwarded to students.


Rotokauri: Star students are required to 'pay & display.' Students can park in car park 1 or 2, Star students cannot park in visitor parking as this will incur a parking infringement. Parking costs $1 per hour capped at $6.00 per day, between 8am and 4pm weekdays. Tickets can be purchased from payment machines located in car parks 1 and 2. 

City: NO parking available at the City Campus.

Hamilton Gardens: FREE parking is available at the Hamilton Gardens Campus in the public car park. 

Bus routes

The City Campus is a 1-minute walk from the Hamilton City Transport Centre; therefore, all inner-city BUSIT routes will be a suitable mode of transport. Click here to find the best route for your address. The Orbiter bus route runs between the transport centre and Wintec Rotokauri Campus.

Food on campus

Food is not provided as part of the STAR experience. Both the City, Rotokauri, and Hamilton Gardens campuses have excellent cafés serving a tempting array of hot and cold food, and espresso coffee. In the student areas of all our campuses, there are also microwaves, hot water, and snack vending machines. Students are welcome to bring their own packed lunch

Click here for a printable version of the information sheet.

Contact us

If you have any questions please contact:
Tania Phillips
Youth Pathways Coordinator - STAR
Phone: +647 834 8800 ext 3779 

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